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Browser Basics

Browser Basics

If you’ve ever done a search on the internet, you’ve used something called a browser. Depending on how many types of devices you own, you may be familiar with several different browsers. Some of the most popular include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. These browsers can do...

Grey clouds behind a yellow sign with a hurricane symbol and the words "hurricane season"

Prepare Digitally for a Natural Disaster

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a hurricane is a type of storm called a tropical cyclone, which forms over tropical or subtropical waters. Tropical cyclones that have a maximum sustained surface wind of less than 39 miles per hour are called tropical depressions. Once those...

Smartphone with unknown caller on screen, understanding robocalls


Spam or robocalls as they are often known are automated telephone calls that deliver a recorded message are on the rise. The FCC states that they receive over 200,000 complaints a year specific to unwanted phone calls and that approximately 2.4 billion robocalls are made each month. These calls...

A smartphone showing apps that can make a smart home

What Makes a Smart Home So Smart?

From Smartphones to Smart Televisions to now Smart Homes all of our devices seem to be getting “smarter.”  But at the same time most of us are left behind scratching our heads about what all that actually means. When someone says that they have a “smart home” they are basically...