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About the Library

About the Citrus County Library System

We started out as a small single room building in 1917, and today we’ve expanded into five branches spanning across Citrus County. Discover the impact we make in the community and how you can support what we do.

Discover. Learn. Engage.
Discover. Learn. Engage.


Our mission reflects the commitment we are making to the citizens we serve. The Citrus County Library System will promote the pursuit of knowledge and deliver quality education to the community, embracing the power of information, imagination, and ideas.


Our vision articulates what success will look like in the future. The Citrus County Library System…

  • is recognized as the go-to resource for educational support, self-directed learning, and literacy.
  • provides invaluable tools for discovery, self-empowerment, and life enrichment.
  • is a welcoming community gathering place for families, cultural activities, and civic life.

Guiding Principles

To fulfill our mission and realize our vision, the following guiding principles shall direct us in our service to the community and provide focus and direction for our staff, volunteers, and Friends as we move forward:

  • Advance Education
  • Inspire a Culture of Quality
  • Provide Exceptional Value to the Community
  • Create Passionately Loyal Customers
  • Communicate Openly
  • Celebrate Teamwork

Get a Library Card

Library cards are available to ALL Citrus County residents and open the door to a new world full of imagination and possibilities.

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Ask a Librarian

Sometimes you can't make it into the library. Send us an email or message to get your library or research questions answered!

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