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Beyond the Books: Exploring Technology Classes at Citrus Libraries

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Beyond the Books Exploring Technology Classes at Citrus Libraries. Written by Derek Vorobok.

Beyond the Books: Exploring Technology Classes at Citrus Libraries

Libraries are commonly visualized as a building full of books tightly packed on endless rows of bookshelves; this imagery is often referred to as the storehouse of knowledge. The larger the library, the larger the collection, and the higher the chance that one may become lost in the maze of bookshelves, call signs, Dewey Decimal System, and the millions of words stored in thousands of books. This association of the library as the storehouse of knowledge isn’t a false depiction, yet libraries often have much more to offer than book checkouts, and this certainly applies to the Citrus County Library System. Among the free, various services and programs that Citrus Libraries offers is weekly technology classes.

These technology classes present various topics and are offered system-wide each week on different days per branch. Therefore, if you missed a class at your nearest branch, perhaps you can attend the class at a different location. Do you need help learning how to use your new Samsung smartphone? Sign up for our Android: Getting Started class to learn the basic functions of an Android device. Perhaps you have mastered the basics of your iPhone or iPad, and you want to learn more about the advanced features of that device. Come check out our iPhone: Beyond the Basics class or our iPhone: Advanced class to learn some of the additional capabilities of your iPhone/iPad.

If you have little experience with a computer and you yearn to learn the basics, we have a class for that! Come to our Computers: Getting Started class to receive step-by-step instruction of a PC (personal computer). Do you own a MacBook? Do not despair! We offer a MacBook: Getting Started class as well.

Once you have mastered the basics of a computer, take a look at a couple of other suggested classes we offer to further expand your computer skills – Internet Basics, File Management, and Technology Tips & Shortcuts. These classes are “lab classes”, which means that they are a hybrid composition of a “tech talk” with a hands-on approach; these classes are generally offered at the Homosassa and Central Ridge branches. Have a pending presentation and you aren’t sure where to begin? Come to PowerPoint: Getting Started and let us help you. Why stop with PowerPoint? Why not become more fluent in all of the Microsoft Office programs? Citrus Libraries offers beginner classes for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher. Perhaps you wish to learn more than the basics for Word. We have you covered! Citrus Libraries offers beyond the basics for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Citrus Libraries offers specialty classes that you may find of interest, and these include Alternatives to Cable, Buying and Selling on eBay, Getting Started with Smart Homes, Healthy Living Tech, Pinterest: Getting Started, Streaming Music and more!

Included among the vast repertoire of classes we offer are seasonal classes. Prepare for hurricane season with Digitally Prepare for a Natural Disaster. Scams are everywhere and are evolving into more elaborate ploys; however, exercising caution, being vigilant and judicious with your actions online, and having a solid foundation of how to discern a potential scam will help defend you against nefarious scammers. Learn more by attending our Online Safety & Privacy, Shopping Safely Online, or Robocalls class.

Citrus County Library System offers free access to Ancestry Library Edition and other genealogy resources for our patrons. We teach more about the genealogy resources available with Citrus Libraries in our technology class, Connecting the Ties: Genealogy Research in the Library. Citrus Libraries also offers free access to Libby, which contains thousands of eBooks, eAudiobooks, digital magazines, comics, and graphic novels, all of which are available to be checked out with a library card. To learn more about Libby, you can attend our Libby: Getting Started class.

The Citrus County Library System is constantly developing its collection in print and digital resources, but Citrus Libraries has more programs and services to offer beyond books. One of these many services is weekly technology classes. To view upcoming technology classes, visit our online calendar at You can filter the calendar to show only computer and technology classes by clicking “Event Type” and selecting “Computers & Technology.” Technology classes are free to all, however they do require registration. To register for technology classes, visit or call your local library branch, or register online through the event calendar. Additional information about upcoming classes can also be found by following @CitrusLibraries on Facebook and Instagram.

Derek Vorobok
Instruction & Research Librarian at Homosassa Branch

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