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Citrus Libraries Celebrates 2022 High School Graduates

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Citrus Libraries Celebrates 2022 High School Graduates

Citrus Libraries Celebrates 2022 High School Graduates

As we close out the 2022-23 school year, the Citrus Libraries staff is beyond proud of our hardworking and dedicated student volunteers. Congratulates to everyone for their individual successes and their upcoming 2022 high school graduation! These students have witnessed many obstacles and have expertly balanced their time between performing well academically and volunteering at the library.

These volunteers are integral in keeping all five Citrus Libraries branches functioning. Many student volunteers had their first experience of “work” at the library and have continued to excel. They have learning how to communicate with fellow peers and taken on leadership roles; through this, we hope to have picked up more skills that they can utilize in their future careers. The Citrus Libraries staff has watched them grow as people and thrive in their academics; we hope to see them and will continue to cheer them on in their future endeavors.

As their next chapter begins, we want to honor the following students.

Coastal Region branch: Connor Kuziemko, Hailee Lotts ,Tyler Townsend, Melanie Westcott,  Paul Wetmore

Central Ridge branch: Meagan Benson, Gabriel Cairone, Arielle Cooper, Vanessa Drawdy, Zoe Gonzalez, Yazmin Ramos Gonzalez and Madison Hernandez

Lakes Region branch: Jonathan Dooley, Lily Gorham, Kyla Harpe, Serena Marz, Isabella Mayer, Kendall McCarrick, Holly McLeod, Molly Seawell, Ashton Wielang

Floral City branch: Hayley Frazier

Homosassa branch: Jason Lu, who was also honored as the first recipient of the Citrus County Library System Teen Volunteer of the Year.

In addition to the accomplishments already listed, six of these students were honored as Golden Citrus Scholars by the Citrus County Education Foundation for their exemplary academic achievements: Arielle Cooper, Connor Kuziemko, Jason Lu, Kendall McCarrick, Holly McLeod and Abby Smith. Congratulations again to these amazing students!

We all hope that these volunteers who have contributed so much to the library system have a happy graduation and continue on to an exciting future. The Citrus Libraries staff knows that wherever these students may land, they will thrive.

For anyone who wishes to become a volunteer at one of the five Citrus Libraries branches, they need to be at least 14 years of age and currently in high school.  Those who are interested can visit any one of the branches for more information and an application, or, they can go online to to learn more. Citrus Libraries would love to be a part of your high school career and beyond!

Maria Rucinski
Customer Service Specialist at Central Ridge Branch

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