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Volunteer Spotlight March 2024

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Volunteer Spotlight March 2024

Volunteer Spotlight March 2024

Every month, the Citrus County Library System features a volunteer in their “Outside the Stacks” blog on their website. This month, Central Ridge Library would like to shine the spotlight on Joan. We asked Joan several questions and thought it would be fun to share her responses!

Volunteer Spotlight
Central Ridge Volunteer of the month, Joan


Q: Why did you start volunteering?

A: I started volunteering after I retired because I needed to do something that I enjoyed but was also helpful to others.


Q: How has volunteering impacted your life?

A: Volunteering has given me a purpose and I look forward to it during my lazy days at home. It has also given me something to talk about – people are interested in learning about my time at the library and it gives me the opportunity to encourage others to volunteer at a library


Q: Why is it important to you to volunteer at the library?

A: I wanted to volunteer at the library because I love reading, and I love what books and the library offer. I enjoy being surrounded by books, and I think reading is important for a balanced life. I work with the Youth Librarian, so I’m involved with children and I love watching them enjoy their time at the library.


Q: Who is your favorite author?

A: I used to have a favorite author, but as I’ve aged, I’m finding that my taste has changed and I don’t enjoy the books that I enjoyed a few years ago. Surprisingly, I can’t read some of the books now that I enjoyed years ago, so I keep looking for new authors.


Q: What book to you recommend to all of your friends to read and why?

A: I don’t recommend books to others because I find that they have different tastes and interests and don’t really want to hear about books that I like. In addition, books that I enjoy may offend someone else, so I don’t recommend them.


Q: Other than volunteering, what do you like to do with your free time?

A: Other than volunteering, I run a household, take care of my husband and dog, and I spend much of my time knitting. I love to knit, and I teach knitting and crocheting. I give away or donate many of the items that I make, which makes it more enjoyable.

Thank you, Joan, for dedicating your time to the Central Ridge Library! We truly appreciate all of our volunteers and are glad to spotlight one of the many special people that help to keep our branch running smoothly.

Citrus Libraries is always looking for more volunteers to help in our branches! If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer at the library, call your local branch and speak with the Customer Service Specialist. To learn more about the Citrus County Library System, please visit our website at and follow @CitrusLibraries on Facebook and Instagram.

Maria Rucinski
Customer Service Specialist at Central Ridge Branch

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