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Time to Play (at the library!)

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Time to Play (at the library!)

Time to Play (at the library!)

Play teaches children so much. They play to learn about the world and to make connections with friends and caregivers. Did you know we have lots of fun ways to play at the library?

Storytime, Toy Time

After storytime, we provide time for parents and caregivers to socialize and for children to play with fun, age-appropriate toys. Watch your kids stack some blocks or learn to sort, while you get some time to commiserate with other caregivers about what your kids are up to. While they play together, children learn to share, take turns, and how to play in new ways. Storytimes are available on different days of the week and are at all library locations, so check the latest schedule for a time that will work for you.


Puzzles improve problem-solving skills. As children solve puzzles, you can talk to them about the colors that they see, the names of the animals, plants, or characters on the puzzle, and about up, down, left, and right.  We have puzzles available for in-library use. These jigsaw and knob puzzles improve your children’s finger strength and dexterity (fine motor skills). Additionally, you can find many puzzle magazines, such as Highlights High Five on Libby. Find all those hidden pictures!


Have you tried out our new LEGO wall or attended one of our LEGO programs? There’s so much to play with for builders young and old at the library. Teamwork, problem-solving, and let’s face it, basic physics are all something you’ll learn from playing with LEGO.

Computer Games

The computers in our children’s sections have fun, educational games, or you can use the WIFI available in the library and library parking lot to get access to lots of great games and apps. If you haven’t visited the library in awhile, you maybe surprised by our WIFI improvements. Downloading something for the kids to play? We like the PBS kids app, where kids can have fun learning about animals with the Wild Kratts, learn about feelings and emotions with Daniel Tiger, or make science discoveries with Elinor from Elinor Wonders Why.

There are so many different ways that the library is here for you, especially when it comes to helping with developing and supporting Early Literacy skills!

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