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Let’s “Sing” it for the Library!

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Let’s “Sing” it for the Library!

Let’s “Sing” it for the Library!

Singing songs together at a Citrus Libraries storytime is more than just for fun – it is an important way that you are helping your child with preliteracy skills. We love to sing songs at storytime, and we would love for you to join us at one of our libraries’ storytimes available every day of the week.

When you sing, it slows down language and breaks down syllables and sounds in words. Children can more easily notice rhymes, patterns, and repetition.  Here are some of our favorite songs to sing with your preschooler.

To Make Handwashing Fun

Try singing our hand washing song, to the tune of “Happy Birthday”. It will help you reach every part of your child’s hands and teach them the different parts of their hands.

Tops and Bottoms, and Wrists
Tops and Bottoms, and Wrists
In-between your fingers
Don’t forget your fingertips!

To Get Dressed

The tune of “Here we go ‘round the mulberry bush” is helpful to get children focused on daily activities. Try it for getting dressed in the morning!

This is the way we put on our shoes,
put on our shoes,
put on our shoes.
This is the way we put on our shoes
so early in the morning.

For In-Between Times

Sometimes transitions can be difficult for children, especially toddlers. Try a transition song, like the ones used in PBS’s Daniel Tiger – It’s almost time to stop, so choose one last thing to do. Or try out the slightly sillier Storybots Version about Time to Go:

So Much More

Singing to your child helps in all areas of preliteracy skills. Stick your child’s name in a silly song or sing traditional songs from your childhood! For more ideas, check out a library storytime in person or online. Visit our website at, follow us @CitrusLibraries on Facebook or Instagram, or stop by any of our locations for more information.

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