“The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it” John Ruskin. (1819-1900)

Come and join our group of active volunteers. Some of the benefits include helping others, meeting new people, developing friendships, learning new skills and best of all, feeling needed and valued. Together we can build stronger communities and enriches lives.

There is a significant need for volunteers in today’s Library. We will match your skills and interests with corresponding opportunities. You may enjoy assisting us in keeping our book collection in good order, helping someone register to use one of our computers or informing a patron that their books are in and ready for pickup. Or perhaps mentoring is something that would pique your interest. There are opportunities available to train new volunteers, assist with classes in our Computer Lab and/or help individuals with the basic functions of the computers. How about becoming a tutor for the new Literacy Program? It may be that you really enjoy reading to children.

The return on your investment of time is immeasurable. Share your time and talent with us. Together we can make a difference in people’s lives.

Contact us today:

Central Ridge Library – Maria Rucinski, Volunteer Coordinator (352)746-6622
Coastal Region Library – Jacky Moore, Volunteer Coordinator (352)795-3716
Floral City Public Library – Katherine Santino, Volunteer Coordinator (352)726-3671
Homosassa Public Library – Megan Gaule, Volunteer Coordinator (352)628-5626
Lakes Region Library – Phyl Hibbits, Volunteer Coordinator (352)726-2357

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