Come and join our group of active volunteers!

Gain Connections

Volunteering is a great way to meet all different types of people in your community that can become life-long friends, mentors, or valuable references.

Gain Experience

Whether looking for your first job or wanting to broaden your resume, volunteering can help you gain valuable real-world experience.

Gain Health & Happiness

Volunteering has been proven to lower stress and improve your mood. 

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CCLS Spotlight Volunteer for September

Kathleen Stensing 

We appreciate the hard work of our volunteers and wish to show our appreciation by featuring you and your volunteer story. Thank you for everything you do!

Kathleen (Kathy) started volunteering because she says: “I was a children’s librarian for 30 years at a public library in Illinois and I loved my job. After we moved to Citrus County I wanted to find out more about our library and volunteering was a great way to do that!”

We asked her if volunteering has changed the way she sees the library: “Not really…I have always known that the staff at public libraries are hardworking and fun people and the budgets have to stretch a long way.”

One of her favorite volunteer moments is: “Over the 6.5 years I’ve volunteered, I’ve met 2 great friends. We socialize outside of the library and I would never had met them if it hadn’t been for volunteering.”

Kathy encourages anyone who would like to volunteer: “It’s a great feeling being able to give back to our community. I also enjoy the camaraderie between the staff and my fellow volunteers.”

Our Volunteers


This is the number of volunteers that served during 2018. Thank you to all these individuals for supporting your Citrus County Library.


This is the number of hours provided by Citizens of Citrus County who graciously provided their valuable time to support the Library. Citrus Libraries would like to extend its gratitude to these individuals for making a difference in the lives of others and for helping in maintaining our library a place for all to come.