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Citrus Picks December 2021

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Citrus Picks Dec 2021

Citrus Picks December 2021

Citrus Picks December 2021 are 5 hand-picked and curated book suggestions from our amazing team of library staff members. Scroll through this list to read about each selection. You can find these items in our catalog or on Libby.


Island Infernos: The U.S. Army’s Pacific War Odyssey, 1944

John G. McManus

McManus provides an excellent addition to existing literature on the Pacific War. His work focuses on an often overlooked participant in the conflict against Japan – the U.S. Army. He chronicles the contributions of several divisions the Army committed to the Pacific War in an engrossing narrative, which is exhaustively substantiated with meticulous research. This work focuses on a pivotal year in the Pacific War – 1944, in which the Army executed, and contributed to, several successful operations to progress the campaign throughout the Pacific, and secure Japan’s ultimate defeat. Derek V., Instruction and Research Librarian -Derek V., Instruction and Research Librarian


The Runelords : the Sum of All Men

David Farland

Enter a fantasy world where lords and warriors receive endowments from others to protect their nations and wage war. The Wolf Lord Raj Ahten has so many endowments of stamina, strength, and metabolism that he may very well be unstoppable and become what is considered “The Sum of All Men.” He plans to conquer all of the nations, but Prince Gaborn Val Orden may find a way to thwart him. – Ryan C., Instruction and Research Librarian


The Bear and the Nightingale : a novel

Katherine Arden

It’s a fairytale-like story of a girl becoming a young woman 1300s Russia. During that time there were many intertwining and conflicting beliefs of tradition and religion. Vasya is able to see and communicate with the traditional spirits and this causes her to be ostracized by some in her village who have forgotten the ways of their ancestors. The Bear and the Nightingale begins a trilogy that grows more in scope with each book. Every book is filled with beautiful language and artistry you come across rarely. – Ryan C., Instruction and Research Librarian


Cross Her Heart

Melinda Leigh

I absolutely loved this book and fell in love with Bree Taggert, the lead character, who moves back to her hometown after her sister is murdered. The characters are all intertwined and your list of suspects just keeps growing as you read. Nope, the butler didn’t do it! – Beverly W., Customer Service Specialist


The Silent Patient

Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson is a well-known painter who murdered her husband six years ago and hasn’t spoken a word since. Theo Faber is a psychotherapist who hopes to treat Alicia and uncover the mystery behind her motives for killing her husband. This is for people who like their thrillers-slash-mysteries to have twisty plots and straight-forward writing. – Alexis F., Library Assistant

Vicky Leon
Digital Services Librarian at Citrus Libraries

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