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Artist Exhibit at Lakes Region Branch

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Artist Exhibit at Lakes Region

Artist Exhibit at Lakes Region Branch

Citrus Libraries is trying something new this year at the Lakes Region branch! Join library staff as we open our doors to 8 local artists on Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26, 2022. Each artist will have a variety of pieces on display, and will be available to chat throughout the day. Get to know a little about each author, and then stop by the see their amazing talent in person.

Ann Warner began making art almost 50 years ago. She looks to nature for inspiration and knows that one of her biggest influences is Gustav Klimt. She knows that when she is in tune with nature, creating her art never feels like work. Ann’s advice to new artists is to trust your feelings.

Susan Strawbridge has been painting and making art for as long as she remembers! She has a deep love for the Nature Coast, and that passion is reflected in her work. The works on Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent and the work of many contemporary artists has influenced Susan over the years. Susan says that she can’t ever pick a favorite, because it is usually whichever piece she is working on in the moment!

Dan Nichols has been making art for just over two years now. His greatest influences are quilters because of the complexity that can be displayed. He looks at patterns as recipes, sometimes he likes to add his own spices!

Jaret Lubowiecki started making art when she was very young. She has found inspiration in a variety of things, depending on what speaks to her, and has been influenced over the years by Georgia O’Keefe, Kandinski and the Impressionists. Jaret knows that a piece is finished when she can put the work away then look at it again later with fresh eyes.

Barbara J. Kerr has been making art since she was 3 years old. Starting at a young age, Barbara’s biggest influence was her Native American babysitter, and then later on various watercolor artists that she studied with. She has said that possibilities of what to paint next are always flying through her brain! Barbara has taken a page out of Winston Churchhill’s book and would tell new artists to “never, ever, ever give up.”

Sandra Hume started 30 years ago making landscape with oils. In that time, she said that nature and color have been her biggest influences and inspiration. She uses Pinterest and visualization techniques to get her creative mind flowing and then experiments from there. Sandra wants young artists to know that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment!

Audrey Bunchkowski started painting after her retirement and move to Florida. When she arrived in Florida, she met and was mentored by artist Jude Caborn. She has found that many different artists to be influential and that every artist has a masterpiece in their collection. Living on the coast has allowed her to find inspiration in water world, with a focus on fish and the coastal landscape.

Steven John Albin found a passion for art in the 3rd grade when he was tasked with creating a camel for a play. His passion has only grown from there, and wants his artwork to reflect fun and happiness. Steven’s teachers have been his biggest influences over the years, and he has found inspiration in living in the moment. Steven knows that each work is finished when he is happy with the result of his efforts.

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