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Sunshine State Readers Awards: Jr Books

Sunshine State Readers Awards: Jr Books

The Sunshine State Readers Award books are here for the 2022-2023 school year for grades K – 2 . Discover each SSYRA JR book and check them out from our catalog.

SSYRA Grades K-2


Chester van Chime who forgot how to rhyme

Bob Shea

Rhyming has always come easily to Chester van Chime. But one day he loses his gift and struggles to find the right words


Chez Bob

Avery Monsen

A lazy alligator comes up with a plan to lure his prey by opening up a restaurant for birds–until he realizes that birds are even better as friends


Cranky chicken

Katherine Battersby

Cranky Chicken inadvertently saves the life of Speedy, a very optimistic worm that is looking for a friend.


Invasion of the unicorns

David Biedrzycki

Secret agent Bubble07, who exactly resembles a stuffed toy, is on Earth to assess whether or not the unicorns should invade the planet–but despite some bizarre Earth customs like show-and-tell, and annoying Earth dogs, ultimately suggests that Earth would serve as an excellent vacation destination for unicorns.


Ivy lost and found

Cynthia Lord

A toy that can be checked out just like a book, Ivy is taken home by a little girl and together they embark on an adventure that helps both of them find confidence and belonging in their changing worlds.


Mad about meatloaf

Maureen Fergus

Weenie loves his human, Bob. He loves his guinea pig friend Beans and his cat friend Frank. He loves naps, adventures and sharing. In fact, Weenie loves pretty much everything (except the mail carrier). But the thing Weenie loves and desires more than anything else in the world is meatloaf. And he’ll do anything to get it. Join Weenie, Frank and Beans on a laugh-out-loud meatloaf adventure, complete with a trench coat disguise, a wild meatloaf trap and even a hungry wolf.


Mel fell

Corey R. Tabor

Follow Mel on her journey downward to triumphant flight by taking a leap of faith.


Missed meal mayhem

Jarrett Lerner

Meet the Hunger Heroes: Toots the Bean, Chip Ninja, Tammy the Tomato, and Leonard, a wedge of cheddar cheese, ready to save kids–even cranky, annoying ones–all over the world while flying around in their taco hovercraft! It’s a typical Monday when the Hunger Heroes get the call: a kid in Ms. Sternbladder’s class missed breakfast and isn’t allowed to have snacks! How will he pass his math test, study for spelling, or play soccer at recess if his stomach is growling out of control? Hunger Heroes to the rescue!


Someone builds the dream

Lisa Wheeler

Celebrates the skilled women and men who work to see the plans of architects, engineers, and designers brought to life.


Strange planet : the sneaking, hiding, vibrating creature

Nathan W. Pyle

When the nearest star rises, Lifegiver has an exciting quest planned for Offspring! Follow along as they observe a strange creature that sneaks, hides, and vibrates around their house. Hilarity ensues as the blue beings try to mimic this talented creature.


Ten beautiful things

Molly Beth Griffin

Lily is moving into her grandmother’s farm in Iowa, and she is sad about all the changes necessary in her life–but on the long drive her grandmother challenges her to find ten beautiful things that they can share together.


The Electric Slide and Kai

Kelly J. Baptist

Everyone in the Donovan family can dance–and has a dance nickname–except Kai, but his family helps him practice his moves to prepare for his aunt’s wedding reception.


The littlest yak

Lu Fraser and Kate Hindley

Gertie is the littlest yak, feeling stuck in her smallness–she wants to grow UP and have bigness and tallness. But when it turns out that there are some things that only Gertie can do, might she come to see that she’s perfect, just the way she is?


The middle kid

Steven Weinberg

When you’re the middle kid, you’re never the first nor the last to do anything. You’re not the tallest or the smallest; you’re babysitting one sibling but teased by the other. Stuck between a bossy older brother and a naïve younger sister, Middle Kid feels left out of two worlds. But even if—and maybe especially because—it’s always overlooked, this kid’s own world is just as big and important as his siblings’.


What if, Pig?

Linzie Hunter

Pig cannot help but think of everything that could possibly go wrong after deciding to throw a party for Mouse and their friends.

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