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Lakes Region Renovations

Lakes Region Renovations

The Lakes Region Library in Inverness will be undergoing renovations starting in Fall 2023. Learn about the changes, upgrades, and updates coming to Lakes Region Library.

About the Lakes Region Renovations

Exciting changes are on their way to the Lakes Region Library in Inverness! The 15,000-square-foot facility, which opened its doors on Sunday, November 22, 1987 will be undergoing renovations starting in Fall 2023. Renovations are estimated to be completed in Summer 2024.

Updates & Upgrades

  • The entire interior of the building will be repainted
  • New flooring and carpeting throughout the building
  • Construction of two study rooms
  • New meeting room
  • Updated bathroom fixtures and tiling
  • New LED lighting upgrades throughout the building
  • Circulation desk moved to central location in the building
  • Additional space for books and other materials
  • Electrical upgrades throughout the building
  • Updated staff areas
  • Updated seating areas

Renovation Updates

Here you’ll find photos and information on the progress of the Lakes Region Library renovation.

Update 4 – Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Renovations continue at Lakes Region, painting is complete and installation of new carpeting in underway.

Update 3 – Friday, May 3, 2024

Drywall has been placed and painted over the new study rooms and meeting rooms. New ceiling tiles and lights are being installed, and painting has begun throughout the library.

Update 2 – Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Framing for the new meeting room and study rooms is in place. New ceiling tiles have arrived and await installation.

Update 1 – Friday, December 29, 2023

Updates begin with the computer area temporarily relocated to the back of the library. Column book shelves have been removed, and the removal of some furniture.

Lakes Region Computer Area now in back of the Library
Computer Area now in back of the Library


Why is the Lakes Region Library getting a renovation?

The Lakes Region Library is one of the oldest library buildings in Citrus County at 35 years old. This renovation project will introduce much needed updates to the building and add new experiences and flexible spaces for patrons including an additional meeting space, 2 study rooms, and updated infrastructure.

When will renovations take place?

Renovations will begin in Fall 2023 and it is anticipated that construction will be done in Summer 2024.

Will the Lakes Region Library be closed during renovations?

The library will be open for the majority of the renovation. Access to the book drop,  public computers, books, and other materials will still be available. Programming and meeting spaces will be temporarily limited during this time. All other library locations will be open during renovations and the digital collection will remain fully available.

How much will this renovation cost?

The renovation cost is anticipated at $600,000 and is being funded by a combination of sources including the Library Advisory Board’s Foundation Fund managed at the US Family Foundation, CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act funding, and the Friends of the Lakes Region Library.

If you would like to make an impact and support the growth of the Citrus County Library System for future renovation projects, you can donate directly to the Library Advisory Board’s Foundation Fund managed by the US Family Foundation.

What changes and updates are coming to the Lakes Region Library?

Several building additions and upgrades are planned for the Lakes Region Library including new flooring, LED lighting, and interior paint. More updates include:

  • A new meeting space
  • Two new study rooms
  • The Circulation desk moved and upgraded to a central location in the building
  • Updated bathrooms, including fixtures, and tiling.

Where can I get updates on the renovation?

Updates on the renovation and any service impacts will be found on this page and on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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