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Borrower’s FAQ

Borrower's FAQ

Find all the answers to checking out items from our Libraries and how to place a hold in our Borrower’s FAQ. Learn how to renew your checked out items and when and where to return them.

Borrower's FAQ

Check Outs

A Library card is required in order to check out most materials. Present your card and your items at the circulation desks. If you do not have a Library Card, you can sign up for one at the Library or sign up for one online.

Everything can be borrowed from the Library for 2 weeks (14 days) with up to 5 renewals at 2 weeks each. Interlibrary loan items are loaned for 3 weeks (21 days) with no renewals.

50 Books with limitations on certain items:

  • 10 items - DVDs
  • 10 items -CDs
  • 5 items - Interlibrary Loans
  • 4 items - Kits
  • 2 items - Binge Boxes (Multi DVD Themed movie sets)

Reference materials such as ready reference, law, indexes, and genealogy reference books are unable to be checked out. They are however, available for in library use. Magazines and Newspapers that are Library owned are also only for in library reading.

No, a library card is not required to borrow puzzles, certain paperbacks, and certain magazines. But you must state the type and quantity of item you are borrowing to a staff member. These items do not have due dates, however we encourage you to bring these items back in order for others to borrow them. Be aware that magazines and newspapers owned by the Library are not available to borrow. If you are unsure if you can borrow the item, ask a staff member.

Yes, curbside pickup is available Tuesdays and Thursdays at all branches from 10 AM - 12 PM. You can request curbside pickup for your items by first reserving and placing holds on the items you want online, then call your branch to arrange and a pickup time. Once you've arrived, call your branch and wait for delivery to your vehicle.


A hold is your reservation in line to get an item and pick it up at your chosen location. Holds allow you to reserve your items so that they are always available without the worry of it being checked out when you come to the library. You can place holds on items that have just been ordered, in processing, or on our shelves.

You can place a hold through our online catalog with the “Place Hold” option on the item page or by calling your local branch with your library card information and the item title.

Once your hold is ready for pick up you will receive a notice through the method you chose when creating your library card (phone call, SMS, or email). Ensure that your preferences are up to date when placing holds.

You can change the location of where to pick up your holds by coming in or contacting your library.

Once your hold has arrived at the chosen pick up location it will remain on hold for 7 days. After that period the hold will be removed and will need to be placed again.

Yes, you have someone else pick up your holds. The person picking up will need to present the library card used to place the holds at the circulation when picking up the items.

Yes, you can suspend your hold and allow others to borrow the item while still retaining your spot in the line. You can suspend your hold until a specified date on your account summary page, or by coming in or contacting your library. Suspensions will revert to normal hold status once the last suspended date passes, or you can revert suspensions instantly in your account summary page. Suspensions can't be placed on holds that are available for pick up.

Renewing & Returning

You can renew your items as long as they are not on hold for another patron or are items received through Interlibrary Loan. Items can be renewed up to 5 times each for 2 weeks at a time. You can renew online by logging into your account or by calling your library.

Items with no holds on them can be renewed up to 5 times each for 2 weeks (14 days) at a time.

When the item has a hold on it for someone else, or if it is an interlibrary loan. You will have to place a hold on the item in order to get it again or reorder it for interlibrary loans.

Items can be returned at any of our branches regardless of where they were checked out. All branches have inside and outside book drops. Please return and DVDs/CDs inside.

You can receive reminders by text or email to return your items by updating your messaging settings in your account. Due dates are also posted for each item on your account and on your receipt at the time you checked out the item.

Library Fines & Fees

There are no daily overdue fees for items. However, if your item is overdue for more than 90 days, the item will be marked as lost and your account will be charged the price of the item. The charge will be removed if item is returned in satisfactory condition.

If you have an item that is overdue for 90 days or more, the items will be marked lost and a charge will be added to your account. If you damage an item or you return an item damaged, the item will also be charged to your account. Charges are a flat rate of $20 for books and $25 for DVDs/CDs and Interlibrary Loans, per item. Lost items in satisfactory condition can be returned to any branch and the charges will be removed.

You can come into any library branch and pay for your damaged or lost items. Cash or check is accepted. You will be given a receipt once paid. Please hold on to your receipt in the event that you find the lost items and want to return them.

If you've found a lost item that you've paid for previously, you may receive a refund in full if items are returned in satisfactory condition. Bring your lost item and a copy of the bill receipt you received when you paid for the item to any library branch. A refund will be processed after filling out and turning in a refund form. Refund forms are available at any branch. Your refund will be mailed to you in 4-6 weeks.

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