We offer one-on-one adult tutoring for Adult Basic Education & English Speakers of Other Languages

Individual Tutor Sessions

Improve basic reading and writing skills

We work one-on-one to help you with:

  • Vocabulary & Grammar
  • English Language
  • Pronunciation
  • American Idioms & Culture
Conversational English

Everyday English For English Speakers of Other Languages

Adult Learners can practice English communication skills through guided conversation groups using fun questions on a variety of topics, known as Cathy’s Cards.

Volunteer tutors assist “English as a Second Language” learners with pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and understanding American idioms.

Personal & Life Skills

Other services offered:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Health Literacy
  • Study for Driver’s License
  • Computer Skills
  • Interviewing Practice
  • Employability Skills
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Let Us Help You Achieve Your Life Goals!

Literacy services are provided at no cost to participants. The Citrus County Library System is committed to safeguarding all personal information.