Preparing for the GED

We offer instructor-led and one-on-one tutoring to citizens needing assistance with exam preparation.

Pre-GED Math

In this instructor led class, learners develop math confidence through reviewing whole number basics and learning fraction mechanics, algebra usage, or geometry concepts.

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Pre-GED Science

In this instructor led class, learners review the basics of multiple sciences which include: life science, earth science, chemistry, and physics. Throughout the course there is an emphasis on finding main ideas and utilizing context clues to improve reading comprehension of non-fiction texts.

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Pre-GED Social Studies

In this instructor led class, learners review the concepts of social studies, which include: U.S. history, world history, civics, geography, economics, maps, and editorial cartoons. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on reading comprehension, graphic and visual literacy, and critical thinking skills.

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Pre-GED Language Arts

In this instructor led class, learners build skills by practicing reading and writing strategies, utilizing graphic organizers, and increasing vocabulary.

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Withlacoochee Technical Institute is the location to take the GED Exam.  You can register at to register for the computer-based GED test.

Literacy services are provided at no cost to participants. The Citrus County Library System is committed to safeguarding all personal information.