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OverDrive Help

If you need assistance with downloading the OverDrive App, help with getting started, want to access a tutorial video or need help with troubleshooting, tap one of the tiles listed below for a step by step guide on your search.

Download OverDrive
To download the OverDrive App; tap the  button to create an account for your device.
Enter your name, email address and password; Scroll down to the bottom of the page tap the signup button, follow the prompts to download the App.
Getting started with Overdrive

Tap the “Getting Started” button, and then select your device for a step by step guide to borrow and enjoy free eBooks, and audiobooks from your Citrus County Library digital collection.


Select a Device from the platform to watch a short video from the playlist.


Having Trouble? Tap the overdrive-help tile and select a platform to find help on a specific topic.

Do you still need assistance? Please fill out this downloadables help form and one of our staff will contact you.