Self Enrichment

Coloring: Color Me Happy

Coloring can be beneficial to adults in many ways; it generates wellness, motor skills, the senses and creativity. The library will provide a coloring book. Shared colored pencils and wax crayons are available but you are welcome to bring your own markers, colored pencils, or wax crayons. (Schedule)


Dancing: Belly Dance

Belly dancing is exercise for anyone, regardless of age or size. It provides low-impact exercise, toning, and is lots of fun. (Schedule)


Dancing: Hawaiian Hula Dance

Come learn how to sway in time to beautiful Hawaiian music while your hands tell the stories of the songs. Hula is a window into the Hawaiian culture as well as a graceful and conditioning dance form that anyone can learn. (Schedule)


Gardening: Ask a Master Gardener

Discuss gardening concerns with a Master Gardener. These classes are free and offer timely gardening and landscaping information. Bring your questions, samples, or specimens as you learn about Florida gardening and environment. (Schedule)


Tai Chi

The low impact Tai Chi classes encourage, share, and enhance the knowledge about health benefits that the ancient art of Tai Chi offers. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline that involves a continuous series of generally controlled slow movements to improve one’s balance and overall health. (Schedule)