Library Advisory Board

The purpose of the Library Board is set forth in Citrus County Resolution Number 86-54 as approved by the Citrus County Special Library District Governing Board on March 11, 1986.

It is the duty of the Library Board to advise the Board of County Commissioners on public libraries’ budget, policies, services, and other pertinent matters.

The Library Board consists of nine members. The officers of the Library Board consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, and a Secretary.

The Library Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month. In the event of a conflict with holidays or other events, a majority of the members present may change the date of any scheduled meeting. All meetings begin at 8:00 AM.

Board Members

Neale Brennan 1/31/2022
Ken Jones 1/31/2021
Elaine Kleid 1/31/2021
April McLaughlin 1/31/2022
Terry Morriston 1/31/2021
Phyllis Peters 1/31/2021
Sandra Price 1/31/2022
Edith Ramlow 1/31/2022
Karen Reaves 1/31/2022

Governing Body
All Five Citrus County Commissioners
One Representative From Crystal River City Council – Mike Gudis
One Representative From Inverness City Council – David Ryan

Library Board Officers
Chair, Sandra Price
Vice Chair, Phyllis Peters
Secretary, Leyda Rivera

How to apply
For consideration of placement on the Advisory Board, submit a completed application together with a recent resume to:

Citrus County Library System
Attn: Senior Secretary
Library Administration
425 W. Roosevelt Blvd.
Beverly Hills, FL 34465

The request will be reviewed to determine qualifications and vacancies. In the event there are no vacancies, the information will be kept on record at Library Administration for a period of one year. If there are vacancies and it is determined that the applicant qualifies, the request will be placed on the first available Board of County Commissioners’ meeting agenda for nomination to a position. At the following regularly scheduled Commission meeting, a nominee will be appointed to fill each vacant position and a letter will be sent confirming each appointment.

Correspondence can be sent to the Chair addressed to the Central Ridge Library, 425 W. Roosevelt Boulevard, Beverly Hills, Florida 34465. Phone messages can be directed to the Secretary at (352) 746-9077.